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Biotin (vitamin H). Although research on the role of biotin in the sport is very small, it was on our list because of the important role in the metabolism of amino acids and energy production from a variety of sources. This connection should attract the attention of those who care about the balance of the food.

One of the reasons of possible difficulties with biotin - avidin neutralization contained in raw egg whites. Do you decide to buy steroids after training? Bodybuilders eating raw proteins or cook a little longer until their desired state, may have difficulty with the increase if consume about 20 proteins per day.

Sources: yeast, liver, egg yolk, soybeans, corn. The recommended daily intake of 150 micrograms (in American sources recommend 30-100 mg).

Riboflavin (vitamin B2). This substance is involved in the three processes of energy generation: glucose metabolism, fatty acid oxidation and absorption of hydrogen in the Krebs cycle. We improved both the assortment and quality of legal anabolic steroids. And that is especially important for bodybuilders - riboflavin regulates the metabolism of proteins. There is a direct relationship between the "lean" body weight (without the oil) and the amount of riboflavin in the food.

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It is shown that the need for riboflavin women exceed the recommended values. So large assortment of steroids online you never seen before! It is also known that this vitamin increases the excitability of muscle tissue.

Sources: liver, cereals, meat, dairy products (see Annex 1.). The recommended daily intake of 2 mg (2.5 mg for women). For athletes, the need may increase up to 3-5.5 mg.

Vitamin A. Very many people know that this vitamin improves eyesight, but athletes should get acquainted with the other parties. Firstly, vitamin A is involved in protein synthesis - the basic process for muscle growth. Secondly, it participates in the storing glycogen energy storage in the main body. Legal anabolic steroids was becoming a significant factor in sport. Thirdly, it is directly tied to the visual process, as a part of the light-sensitive cells of the eye (in the form of a derivative - retinal).

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The problem with vitamin A has two sides. For one, the diet of athletes typically contains too little of this vitamin. On the other - high physical activity is not conducive to the accumulation of vitamin A, and large amounts of fat in the diet leads to an increased release of his feces. So be reasonable, especially before a competition.To increase effectivness of your trainings just buy steroids.

Carotene in carrots and other vegetables; he is the biological precursor of vitamin A.

Sources: sweet potatoes, carrots, dairy products, liver, cod liver oil (see Annex 1.). The recommended daily intake of 1000 mg PE (male) and 800 mg PE (female) 1 PE = 1 mg of retinol (vitamin basic form), that is, 3,300 IU, or 6 mg of beta-carotene. Your muscles grew more powerful with legal anabolic steroids. Increasing the dose to 2000-4000 units. only it makes sense as a preventative measure for a short period of time, since retinol is stored in the fatty tissues of the body.

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